Kingdom 2 Netflix
Blood rules everything in the second season of Netflix's Korean zombie series Kingdom.
Scissor 7 poster
Wuxia parody Scissor Seven (or Killer Seven) demonstrates that good hair and a tragic past are the most important assets of an amnesiac assassin.
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It's probably a good idea to listen to these guys when it comes to manga and anime.
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How communism has brainwashed Chinese people into thinking that everyone is worthy of respect and help
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Suicide or murder? Nury Vittachi talks to us about his investigations for his book The Witchhunters.
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An intense and beautiful parable about class.
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Grandpa Kitchen
Stop all the clocks for Grandpa Kitchen
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Eddie Murphy kicks motherfucking ass in Dolemite is My Name.
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Funny and charming Kevin in Shanghai's videos tell us a lot about life as a young'un in China
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