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It's set in the Ming dynasty and features a jinyiwei (the notoriously fearsome imperial military police) with a kill list who ends up getting involved in a pretty-boy aristocrat's investigation of supernatural phenomena. Basically, Ming dynasty X-Files with UFOs, ghosts, monsters and all other kinds of fun stuff! 

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1. Back in 1402, a Ming dynasty imperial brocade guard and an aristocrat recorded their investigations of UFO phenomena near Fuxian Lake area in Yunnan, where the sunken kingdom of Dian lies.

2. In the early 1980s, a Hong Kong actor used a kuman thong (a black magic amulet made from a fetus) to gain fame and success--which he did. The price? Feeding it his blood every day and giving up what he truly values.

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Everything I Have is Yours

"You could call my dad a lot of things, but he wasn’t troubled. It’s other people who were troubled by him, especially Mr. Banayat."

This story got an Honorable Mention in Glimmertrain's 2012 Family Matters Competition and is about a teenaged kid who tries to run away with a backpack full of CDs and comic books because life sucks, man.




Tough Guys, Gangsters, and Delinquents in Asian Pop Culture: Young and Dangerous

"Young and Dangerous is the movie that launched a hundred thousand (and probably even more) hairdos across Asia when it came out in 1996."

My first post about pop culture tropes and icons in Asia. I did a lot of research for the posts in this series and dug up some really cool and fun information!