Kris Wu
Why sad and beautiful boys are so fascinating.
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Jane Friedman book
Jane Friedman, author of The Business of Being a Writer, drops some knowledge about building a successful writing career
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Keith Ape
Orca ninjas go rambo in "It G Ma" and a short history of black cultural influence on delinquent imagery.
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Hana Alkaf book

Interview with Hanna Alkaf

Unapologetically Malaysian writer Hanna Alkaf talks about her writing process and her upcoming book set in Malaysia, THE WEIGHT OF OUR SKY.
Mina Esguerra book

Interview with Mina V. Esguerra

Powerhouse writer Mina V. Esguerra tells us about the business of publishing and what it's like to write Filipino romances
Hyori's Bed and Breakfast
Hyori's Bed & Breakfast's charm and sweetness has low-key life lessons for everyone.
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Beelzebub cover
Lone Wolf and Cub created the template for the tough guy assassin with a little child in tow, and Beelzebub makes fun of it.
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Let Them Eat Pandesal

The story of colonization, massacres, corruption, savages, riotous coolies, and bread.
Zhang Huan
He is hot and that is a fact.
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