Portland Street Blues
Out of all the gangster movies, Portland Street Blues is the one that often feels like it has real-life stories of poor and working class people at its core.
The Mission Hong Kong
Can you betray the bonds of brotherhood and still consider yourself a man?
Crows manga
"There's nothing wrong with being a crow. Compared to a poor bird that’s been caged and has forgotten how to fly, crows are much better. Being a crow is good enough for me.”
Young and Dangerous Hong Kong
The Hong Kong movie that launched a thousand (and more) haircuts: Young and Dangerous
Goblin Korean drama
Let's admire Sunny and Duk-Hwa's glamourous touch and shake our heads over Eun-Tak's clothes.
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Lee Min-ho

The Asian Mom Brag

The ultimate Asian mom brag
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Goblin Korean drama
A close look at the fashion and style of the Korean drama, Goblin. Why is everyone wearing neutral colours? What does that hat mean? Is the 90s Hong Kong idol hairdo really making a comeback?
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Usagi Drop film

Usagi Drop

If this were an American film, it would wring maximum I am Sam pathos: there would be a huge custody battle between Daikichi and the kid’s ex-junkie mom who’s now married to a tech billionaire, Daikichi would have a criminal past or secretly be a stripper, Rin would develop cancer or fall out of an airplane...anyway, if you know American films, you get the idea.

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