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I write somewhat regularly for online publications, and here's a quick snapshot of what's been published.

A whole bunch of delicious food on The Takeout

A fun travel guide for On She Goes.

I also write a lot for The Unpublishables, a site I co-founded with awesome writer and equally awesome friend Doretta Lau. CAUTION: some of the below content is NOT appropriate for young ones as they contain descriptions and images of violence. 

Some good places to start would be:

My Tough Guys, Gangsters, and Delinquents in Asian Pop Culture series: if you love this genre, I'm sure you'll like my analysis of the different types of tough guys in film and manga. 

If you're a writer, artist, and/or entrepreneur who needs some help with marketing and personal branding, I distilled my years of experience into helpful guides. 

I didn't do all the interviews myself, but these writers and artists gave us great advice and stories.